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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Idioms and their Meanings

Dear friends idioms are used to specify some meaningful sentences. These are same like ready made sentences. We cant change them. And we can't modify them.
If we will look about the meaning of words then we will find that the meaning is totally different then the sense of that particular Idioms.

Some Idioms and their Meanings along with examples.
Idiom                                 Meaning                                      Example
Chow Down                       Eat                                                Time for lunch! Lets go chow down.

Break a Leg                       Good Luck                                     You are going for a job interview. Break a

Excuse My French              Apology For Cussing                     Oh! excuse my french.

Cup of Joe                         Cup of Coffee                                I'm tired I think I'll get a cup of Joe.

Hit the Sack                       Go to Bed                                      I'm tired,I think I'll hit the sack.

Go the Extra Mile               Go Beyond What is Required         I only needed help with one question, but the            
                                                                                                the teacher went the extra mile and help me                    
                                                                                                with the whole worksheet.

British Vs. American

Dear friends now we will learn the difference between the pronunciation of British and American.
British accents are different then American accents.These are given below to help you to understand the difference between them.
Images will help to make you understand the meanings.

British                                     American
Post                                          America
Film                                          Movie
Pyjamas                                    Pajamas
Trainers                                    Sneakers
Football                                    Soccer
Cooker                                     Stove
Boot                                         Trunk
Holiday                                     Vacation
Waistcoat                                  Vest
Sweet                                       Candy
Crisps                                       Chips
Wardrobe                                 Closet

Friday, 23 August 2013

Animals and Their Babies

In general English speaking to call or indicate the babies of animals we usually says 'the baby of cow' or 'The baby of cat' etc.
But my dear friends I would like to tell you that these babies has their own specific words. I am sharing some examples with the given image. And I hope it would we helpful to you.

Types of Noun & Use of Question Word

Use of 'ARE' and 'IS' depends upon the type of noun.
'ARE' is used for countable noun And for uncountable noun "IS" is used.
Use of these two articles is shown in the given table with suitable example by which you can understand it easily.
Some words are used to know about the person,place,things,feelings,ideas..etc.
All these words are called question words.
Such as to know about the person we use "what".
For example.....
What are you?
What class are you in?
What is your father?
What company are you in?

WHEN is used to know about time.
For example............
When will you come.
WHERE is use to know about the position. Like...WHERE do you live.